The Sanford Journal of Public Policy is a print and web-based academic journal that empowers scholars and practitioners to engage in policy discussions, publish research, and express their views on today’s policy challenges. The Journal solicits content in a variety of formats, including academic articles, interviews with policy professionals, reviews of recently-published books, and op-ed posts focused on emerging policy issues. The Sanford Journal is published in print and on our website, and provides students with a medium for engaging in timely discussion and analysis throughout the year.


Meg Fee is a second-year MPP student interested in design-thinking, innovation, and gender equality.

Managing Editors:


Celli Horstman is a second year MPP, focusing on health policy—the intersection of health and social issues and the use of policy to promote well-being for all.

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Gabrielle Murphy is a second-year MPP student studying fiscal and tax policy and public budgeting. 

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Blake Rosser is a 2nd-year MPP student studying local government, inequality, and affordable housing.

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Megan Yeh is a second-year MPP student studying international development, global health, and energy and the environment.