Bad News for Marriage Equality Supporters in North Carolina

By Eric Nakano, Staff Editor

A recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling found 61 percent of North Carolinians want same-sex marriage to remain illegal.  While the Public Policy Poll also showed 55% of voters against a constitutional ban (a finding in line with an earlier poll by Elon University), the key question is always whether or not voters support marriage equality. As evidenced by Prop 8 in California and Measure 1 in Maine, where voters showed similar ambivalence to voters in North Carolina, voters are willing to pass constitutional amendments banning same sex marriage if the majority are against same sex marriage.  This is certain to impact how marriage equality supporters and opponents allocate resources between a half a dozen or so states where same sex marriage is expected to be on the ballot.  If polls continue to suggest that a successful campaign to prevent a marriage equality ban in North Carolina will be extremely difficult, supporters of same sex marriage will invest in more competitive campaigns in states like Minnesota and Oregon.  Should the ban pass, North Carolina will be the last southern state to add a constitutional ban on marriage equality to its constitution.


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