After Napolitano Highlights Difficulties for Immigrants, Some Hope

Photo by Les Todd, Duke Today


By Marcella McClatchey, Staff Editor

Janet Napolitano's recent talk at Sanford made the immigration situation look pretty grim. There are 10 million illegal immigrants in this country, and the Dream Act, an important but incomplete measure to address the problem, has failed in Congress twice in the past three years. But a legal path to citizenship is only one of the many challenges that immigrants face. For recent immigrants, whether or not they are here legally, there is also the need for gainful employment, for community, and for a way to make America feel like home. The New York Times recently ran an article highlighting refugee agriculture, "an entrepreneurial movement spreading across the country," that proponents say addresses many of these issues. In an area where you don't often see a lot of hopeful news, this article made me smile.


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