The Sound and the Fury: Does Occupy Wall Street Have a Policy Agenda?

By Rachel Leven, Staff Editor

Last week, Occupy Wall Street, a protest movement against “corporate greed,” spread overseas. The protests, which began in New York City last September, have since moved to other cities and college campuses throughout the United States, including Durham and Duke University. Inspired by the Arab Spring--and using tactics reminiscent of the Tea Party--the movement consists of independent assemblies networking under the umbrella of  It remains to be seen if this collective scream of frustration can be channeled into concrete changes like campaign finance reforms and progressive tax policies. However, the protests have certainly provided a heavy jolt of electricity to a liberal movement that has become increasingly dispirited over the Obama administration’s response to the faltering economy at a time of skyrocketing income inequality. I think we are headed for an exciting end to 2011.


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