Our new print edition is out! After months of hard work, the Sanford Journal of Public Policy is proud to announce that our Winter 2015 print journal is ready to go, and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Sanford Journal Spring 2015 Print Journal








This season’s journal includes two top-notch articles from the Duke community:

Military Sexual Assault: Reporting and Rape Culture

A recent Pentagon report found that 26,000 military respondents cited instances of unwanted sexual contact over the course of a single year. But reported cases tell a different story: only 3,374 such cases were ever officially reported. Author Gabrielle Lucero explores the reasons for this reporting gap, including fears of retaliation, potential job loss, and a rape culture intertwined with military culture. While military programs, like the Safe Helpline and Special Victims Counsel Program, have begun to address the problem of military sexual assault, Lucero finds that military leadership will be critical to the programs’ continued success.

Read the full article here.

Local Governments and the Management of Resources Generated by Extractive Industries in Peru

What influences how a local government manages its resources? As author Maria Luisa Vasquez explains, local governments with weak managerial and technical expertise often use resources inefficiently, without providing local populations with sufficient goods and services. Fiscal regulations, the political atmosphere, and economic development can further impact local governments’ resource management. Vasquez takes us to Peru, exploring how local governments have responded to an increase in government transfers related to natural resource exploitation.

Read the full article here.

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I Agree with James Fallows: Americans Don't Feel the Costs of War